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The Lucky 15 bet is a popular choice for many horse racing fans as it offers the chance to win big while also spreading the risk across multiple runners.

Lucky 15 bets are made up of fifteen separate bets. It includes four single bets, six double bets, four treble bets and a fourfold accumulator bet. Essentially, you are backing four horses to win in fifteen different ways.

Table explaining Lucky 15 bet

If one selection wins then you will get a payout. But if all four selections win, then it’s common to get a winners bonus from the bookmaker.

Bettors can also select multiple bet types such as: each way bets, rule 4 and dead heat bets for their stake.

However, calculating the potential winnings can be complicated, which is why many people use a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator.

How To Calculate A Lucky 15

If you feel brave and want to work out Lucky 15 bets yourself, just follow the steps below:

Step 1 – For each of the winning selections add 2 to the odds (for example 4-1 = 6 points, or 10-1 = 12 points)

Step 2 – For each of the winners, multiply the points (using the example above: 6×12 = 72 points)

Step 3 – Subtract 1 from the total points (e.g. 72 – 1 = 71 points)

Step 4 – Multiply your unit stake i.e. 50p (not the total stake i.e. £7.50) by the number calculated in step 3 (e.g. 71 x 0.50 = £35.50)

Step 5 – Your winnings would be £35.50 from a stake of £7.50 meaning your profit was £28.00

Bonus step – If the bookmaker offers a winners bonus (say 10%) and all your selections win, then you multiply your winnings by 1.1 (100+10/100) to get your total return (e.g. £35.50 x 1.1 = £39.05)

How To Use Lucky 15 Calculator

Thankfully, a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator allows you to input the odds of each horse and see how much you could win if any of your selections come in.

Using a free bet calculator saves you the headache of working it out yourself. It gets even more complicated when you factor in dead heats, non runners, four fold accumulator bet and “one winner consolation” bookmaker bonuses (i.e. double odds, treble odds, quadruple odds).

At least with a Lucky 15 calculator, as you enter the bet details (your stake, your four different selections, enter bookmaker bonuses etc) the betting total stake and winning profit gets updated automatically.

To calculate our potential winnings from the initial stake, simply enter the following items:

  1. Enter your unit stake in the box i.e. £1
  2. Tick the box for each way, Rule 4 or Dead heat if you want these to apply
  3. Type in the odds for each of the four selections (Bet 1 – 4) then select win, lose, dead heat or NR
  4. Click the “calculate” button to see the total stake and potential lucky 15 returns
How to use free bet calculator

Free Bet Calculators

Many bookmakers offer a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator on their website for horse racing and other sports. To help you calculate your bet details, we have listed our favourite free bet calculator from each bookmaker.

Remember to check out their website for bonuses as well.

PaddyPower Lucky 15 Calculator

As one of the betting gods, you would expect Paddy Power to have a Lucky 15 Bet calculator – and they do. You can access it free using this link

Whilst you are here, read our Paddy Power review to find out what Kenny has to say about them.

William Hill Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Another stalwart of the betting world, William Hill has an easy to use calculator (and helpful guide on how to use it) available on their site here

BetVictor Lucky 15 Calculator

For bettors who enjoy using the BetVictor platform, you can choose the different odds format, select one winner consolation options, and much more on their free lucky 15 calculator. Once you have picked all the remaining selections, you can place the bet directly from the calculator – which is a nice touch.

You can access their calculator here

If you want to read what Jim thought of BetVictor read his BetVictor review here.

Other Great Britain Bookmakers

Surprisingly, these mainstream bookmakers don’t have calculators to help you calculate your lucky 15 bet.

Betfred – we tried searching for “lucky 15 calculator betfred” and could not find one.

BoyleSports – after searching for “lucky 15 calculator boylesports”, we found a link to their calculator which was broken.

Ladbrokes – we searched for “Lucky 15 calculator Ladbrokes” and found that their calculator is built into the betting slip. You can learn how to place a Ladbrokes Lucky 15 bet here.

What Next

A Lucky 15 bet is a great way to boost your winnings and with the help of a lucky 15 calculator, it’s easy to work out how much you could win. If you have any questions about lucky 15 bet calculators or how to use them, please check out our FAQs section below.

Good luck with your bets!

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator FAQs

What other sports can I use a calculator for Lucky 15 bets?

Whilst the most common sports is horse racing, they can be used on different events such as greyhound racing and football matches. The popularity of using a free bet calculator has them being used to work out the total return / profit on multiple bets on things such as a Yankee bet.

How much does a lucky 15 bet cost on a unit stake of 50p?

As there are 15 individual bets to place, the total stake would be (15 x 50p) £7.50

When can I get bookmakers bonuses on a Lucky 15 bet?
In order for the bonus to be paid out as part of a bet settlement, bookmakers normally stipulate in their T&Cs that there can be no non runners.

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