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Betting Punter FAQs

Are you a casino site or sports betting site?

No, we are purely an online review website.

Our team find betting offers and gambling games, play them and then write a review. In addition to casino games or sports games, we also write game guides.

When you click the various “claim now”, “buy now” etc. buttons you will be directed to the 3rd party website. You are then subject to their terms and conditions, privacy policy, age restrictions etc.

So please make sure you read their legal information.

The offers on Betting Punter don't match the sports or casino site - why is this?
We take the offers (such as free spins, welcome bonuses, matched deposits) from various affiliate feeds from operators and networks. For a few other affiliate networks, we have to manually check the offers displayed on their website. Any difference in offer may be due to a delay or error in the feed reaching us, or as a result of the sports/casino operator changing their offers after we reviewed their website. Sometimes, we may make errors, which we apologise in advance for. When there is a offer difference you must always use the offer displayed on the affiliate website. Neither Betting Punter or the operator is liable for any loss or has a legal requirement to provide you with the offer displayed on this site.
Betting Punter has offers displayed, but when I click to the operator's site it is not there?
Similar to the question above, we don’t have the means to check every sports betting / casino operator’s inventory for every game or sign up offer in real time. When you visit an affiliate networks website, we advise you to look at the offers based on the information they present.
If I am a casino or sports betting operator, how do I get my offers onto your website?
The first thing to do is get in contact through our contact form or email We can see if you have an offer feed that we can use, or if you are part of an affiliate network, or if additional development is required.
I notice banners on your website, how do I get my company promoted?

We do offer an advert placement programme. Through this, you can supply banners to us at the correct size.

Depending on the length of time, web page to be displayed on, and prominence of your banners, we will agree on an appropriate fee.

Contact us at

I am a gaming player and an avid writer or video producer, can I showcase my writing skills on your website?
Yes, you are exactly the type of person we want. We will give you a platform to display your work to millions of viewers and help create Betting Punter as one of the best resources of iGaming. As long as you are prepared to write for free and agree to CC0 license terms (and it’s your own material/work) then we would be delighted to have you as a player/reviewer/writer.
How does your star rating system work?
Whilst we never disclose our exact scoring system, a bit like Google, in essence we compare lots of things such as the range of games, easy of use, range of devices the games work on, player feedback and our own experience. Keep in mind that they may not have been refreshed recently and ultimately, we reserve the right to manually adjust the ratings.
If I play games on an operators site as a result of clicking through from your website and I have problems - who should I contact?
Your contract is with the casino or sports betting operator and you agreed or subscribed to their terms and conditions, disclaimers and privacy policies as soon as you entered their website. Therefore, you need to contact the operator directly.

Do you have a question?

If you cannot find the answer to a question you may have, please use our contact form on this page. We will do our best to come back to you with an answer.