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Best Blackjack Strategies

4 Basic Blackjack Tactics To Reduce The House Edge

Most of the time, players try to win a game based on their intuition. But, gambling offers the best outcome when a few fundamental strategies are followed.

The primary objective is to reduce the house edge to the lowest possible.

In essence, if you can follow these online blackjack strategies, then you can potentially win a substantial amount of cash in casino blackjack.

These recommended four basic strategies to play online blackjack have been tested:

1. Provide The Dealer An Opportunity To Hit

When you know that the dealer has one of these cards: 4, 5 or 6, then you must take notice.

These three cards signify that the dealer is at risk. The dealer with the soft hand will tend to opt for a hit. He or she may not prefer to stand in order to get a score closer to twenty-one.

You must make sure to use this opportunity to split or double down whenever possible, to collect more winnings when there is every chance the dealer will bust.

This basic strategy to in blackjack will prove to be advantageous for many gamblers.

2. Hold Your Hard Hand

When you have a hard seventeen (17), you must remember to stand firmly.

A hard 17 may lower the chances of winning, but it is also too risky going for another card in case you go bust.

Image of blackjack tactics in play

3. Split Cards

A basic strategy to play online blackjack is to split cards – when you are dealt eights or aces, always split.

Splitting eights and aces give you a chance of winning the pot, and double the chances in such instances.

Equally, it has been suggested by professional gamblers, not to split tens.

4. Never Cover Insurance In Opposition To A Blackjack

Whenever you are playing online blackjack and the dealers open card is an ace, you will be offered “insurance” against the dealer flipping a ten or face card, in doing so getting blackjack.

Taking insurance essentially means that if the dealer gets such a hand, then you will get your bet back.

But blackjack statistics do not favour this. It might be worth the gamble – as it’s not required to take insurance against blackjack when playing.

The 5 Best BlackJack Hands For Beginners

Every new and intermediate player always has the same question at the back of their mind.

“What are the best five blackjack hands?”

Do you want to know the answer to it?

We will help you understand the theoretical and mathematical value for different types of starting hands. It does not stop there – you will also find out the best blackjack hands to play.

The Best BlackJack Hands

When it is referred to as “types of hands” it means, splits, double downs, soft totals and hard totals. These are used in the primary blackjack strategy (as above).  Keep in mind, that every starting hand will have a value linked to it.

Image of blackjack cards

The best Blackjack hands to play are outlined below:

21 = BlackJack

The best blackjack hand to play is naturally 21.

In a 21 game, the payment for a usual 21 hand is 3:2. This means 1 ½ times the player’s actual bet amount. It will have one ace and one ten value card namely (K, Q, J, or 10).

This blackjack hand hardly ever loses and you will either win or draw the game. Thus, this is the theoretical and mathematical best hand.

Soft 20 

This two card total is when you will have a soft total of (ace-nine).

The total value of this is approximately 0.8 of the actual original value, similar to a two card sum of twenty.

This means that over a longer betting time, the player can gain up to £80 for each of his or hers £100 wagers.

Soft 18

The ace-seven is know as a soft 18, and the value is close to 0.4 times the actual bet value of the player. They can win £40 for every £100 wagered.

Hard 11

Hard 11 is another one of the best blackjack hands to play. This is where the two card total is eleven. These combinations can be any one of the following:

  • 6-5
  • 7-4
  • 8-3
  • 9-2

The Hard 11 will add up to 0.6674 of the actual bet value placed by the player. For every £100 wagered you will get £66.74. Taking another card with a hand of eleven can help you win – as the chances of a win increase to 97%.

Hard 20

When the two cards total is twenty, the likelihood is a return of £80 for every £100 wagered. A hard 20 can happen when two ten’s are dealt. However, the player must remember not to split the ten’s.

Final BlackJack Strategy Thoughts

If you are playing blackjack for the first time, it’s wise to watch other online players for a while to see how they perform and to watch what the dealer does in different situations.

When you decide to start playing blackjack at an online casino, the four tactics above will point you in the right direction – and hopefully, make you win more often than not.

But at the end of the day, you must learn by watching and playing – and play responsibly.

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