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100 Football Quiz Questions With Answers

We’ve made a list of 100 of the best football trivia questions for your family and friends’ quiz night, pub quiz, or just to test your football knowledge.

If you are organising a quiz night, some of the answers can be used as “bonus” questions – such as “an extra bonus point if you guess the year as well”, or “bonus point if you can tell me how many goals they scored as well”.

This is the football quiz you’ve been looking for.

You can also download a copy of all the questions and answers (scroll to the bottom of the page).

  1. Which team first won the Premier League?

Manchester United

  1. Which country hosted the first FIFA World Cup, and what year was it?

Uruguay, 1930

  1. What is the name of the first Football Club ever founded?


  1. How many goals were scored at the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup?

172 goals

  1. Who holds the record for most UEFA Champions League goals of all time?

Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. In what year was Jude Bellingham born?


  1. What English county has the most Premier League titles?

Greater Manchester

  1. Who won the Premier League in 2016?

Leicester City

  1. Which player scored the fastest hat trick in the Premier League?

Sadio Mane – 2 minutes 56 seconds for Southampton vs Aston Villa in 2015

  1. Two English players have won the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot. Who are they?

Gary Lineker (1986) and Harry Kane (2018)

  1. Which outfield player has appeared in the Final of the UEFA Champions League in three different decades?

Ryan Giggs

  1. True or False, Sir Alex Ferguson managed the Scotland National Team?


  1. In the video game FIFA 20, which real-life team does Piemonte Calcio represent?


  1. Which former Tottenham and Chelsea manager has competed in the Dakar Rally?

Andre Villas-Boas

  1. Which three players shared the Premier League Golden Boot in the 2018/19 season?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane

  1. Two countries have won the FIFA World Cup twice. Can you name them?

France and Uruguay

  1. Which Football Club does Elton John own?

Watford Football Club

  1. Which German sportswear company is Messi an ambassador for?


  1. Who is England’s third most successful team in the UEFA Champions League with two titles?

Nottingham Forest

  1. What is the capacity of Portsmouth Football Club’s home ground, Fratton Park?


  1. Who scored the winning penalty for Senegal in the 2022 African Cup of Nations?

Sadio Mane

  1. Who did Graham Potter replace as Chelsea Football Club manager in 2022?

Thomas Tuchel

  1. Who has won the most EFL League 1 titles ever?

Wigan Athletic Football Club (3 titles)

  1. Who won the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


  1. Who was the 22nd Liverpool Football Club manager?

Brendan Rodgers

  1. How many UEFA Champions Leagues have Real Madrid won?

14 titles

  1. With 202, which goalkeeper has the most clean sheets in the Premier League?

Petr Cech

  1. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cups?


  1. Which UK team first won the European Cup?


  1. In what year was Manchester City founded?


  1. What Football Club does Brazilian legend Ronaldo own?

Real Valladolid

  1. Who was the first Premier League manager to be fired?

Ian Porterfield

  1. Who is the only Romanian team to win the UEFA Champions League?

Steaua Bucherest / FCSB

  1. Who won the inaugural UEFA Europa Conference League?


  1. Only one player has won the European Championship as a player and as a manager. Can you name them?

Berti Vogts

  1. True or false, Frank Lampard has scored more Premier League goals than Thierry Henry


  1. Who is the most capped Germany International of all time?

Lothar Matthaus (150 caps)

  1. How many teams competed in the inaugural Premier League season?


  1. In which year was the first time 24 teams competed in the European Championship?


  1. How many Premier League titles have Liverpool Football Club won?


  1. Who won Premier League Player of the Season in 2012?

Vincent Kompany

  1. How old was Wayne Rooney when he made his Premier League debut?

16 years

  1. Who holds the record for the youngest goalscorer in the Premier League?

James Vaughan (16y 270d)

  1. How many teams compete in the National League?

24 teams

  1. What team has won the most Women’s Super League titles?

Chelsea (5 titles)

  1. How many games did it take for Cristiano Ronaldo to score his first UEFA Champions League goal?

27 games

  1. Who scored a hat trick in Sir Alex Ferguson’s last game as manager of Manchester United?

Romelu Lukaku

  1. Where was Erling Haaland born?

Leeds, England

  1. Who is the most successful team in the UEFA Women’s Champions League?

Lyon (8 titles)

  1. Who was the best football player in Europe in 1998?

Zinedine Zidane

  1. What does ‘FA’ stand for?

Football Association

  1. Who won the Premier League in 1995?

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

  1. Who is the most successful Scottish Football team?

Rangers Football Club

  1. What nationality does Ben Brereton Diaz represent?


  1. Which country hosted the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup?


  1. What player has played in the National League, League 2, League 1, Championship, Premier League, UEFA Cup, Champions League, and the World Cup?

Steve Finnan

  1. How many Football clubs have Harry Kane played for?

5 clubs

  1. True or false, Kenny Dalglish is related to the English Royal Family


  1. How many times have Germany won the FIFA World Cup as a unified country? (Not West Germany)

Once (2014)

  1. What does ‘FIFA’ stand for?

International Federation of Association Football

  1. Which is the world’s largest Football stadium?

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, North Korea (114,000 capacity)

  1. Who led the England Women’s National Team to win the UEFA Women’s European Championship?

Sarina Wiegman

  1. Who was the manager of Chelsea when they lifted the FA Cup in 2010?

Roberto Di Matteo

  1. What three teams have won all top four Football divisions in England?

Burnley, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Preston North End

  1. What stadium hosted the final of the 2005 Women’s European Championship?

Ewood Park, England

  1. How many World Cups have the England National Team won?

One (1966)

  1. What player has won the most Premier League Player of the Month awards?

Sergio Aguero (7 awards)

  1. What was the total number of goals in the 2016 Copa Centenario tournament?

91 goals

  1. Who played in the first European Football match after the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020?

Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke

  1. How many teams compete in the Women’s Super League?

12 teams

  1. Who was the first Football player to play in one hundred International matches?

Billy Wright

  1. How many Football Clubs combined compete in the top four professional Football leagues in England?


  1. Who led Leeds United to promotion in 2020?

Marcelo Bielsa

  1. Who is England’s all-time top goalscorer?

Harry Kane (53 goals)

  1. Where did Jude Bellingham start his Football career?

Birmingham City

  1. Which player has made the most Premier League appearances?

Gareth Barry (653 games)

  1. In which FIFA World Cup did Diego Maradona score his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal?

Mexico 1986

  1. What number/s did Cristiano Ronaldo wear at Real Madrid?

Numbers 7 and 9

  1. Which player holds the record for the most UEFA Champions League winners’ medals?

Franciso Gento (six titles with Real Madrid)

  1. Which team has won the most Serie A titles?

Juventus (36 titles)

  1. Who was the first Football player to be knighted?

Sir Stanley Matthews

  1. What stadium does Luton Town play at?

Kenilworth Road

  1. What was the original name of West Ham United?

Thames Ironworks FC

  1. In the 2013/14 Premier League season, how many teams played in a red home kit?

6 teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Sunderland, Southampton)

  1. How many times has Norwich City been relegated from the Premier League?

Four times

  1. What is the capacity of Wembley Stadium?


  1. What does ‘VAR’ stand for?

Video Assistant Referee

  1. Which English team is nicknamed “Posh”?

Peterborough United

  1. How many times has Brazil won the FIFA World Cup?


  1. Who features on the cover of the FIFA 12 game?

Jack Wilshere and Wayne Rooney

  1. In what city does Juventus play their home games?

Turin, Italy

  1. Who was the first sponsor of the Premier League?


  1. The highest-scoring Premier League fixture finished 7-4. Which two teams played?

Portsmouth and Reading

  1. The winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League compete for which trophy?

UEFA Super Cup

  1. How many times have Scotland appeared at the FIFA World Cup finals?

8 times

  1. In what Premier League season did Arsenal go the whole season unbeaten?


  1. What teams play their home games at the Estadio Mestalla?


  1. At 89,874 attendees, what game holds the record for the highest attendance at Wembley Stadium?

Portsmouth vs Cardiff City – 2008 FA Cup

  1. How many times has the Premier League been renamed?

4 times

  1. What manager led Manchester City to their first Premier League title?

Roberto Mancini

Download A Copy

You can download a copy of these football quiz questions with answers pdf here.

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