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Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League

Every young football fan has an idol – somebody who fuels their newfound love for the beautiful game.

Typically, that role model performs their art in the attacking third of the field, somebody who frequently plays a key part in scoring a goal.

However, one of the realisations that coincide with maturing as a football supporter is the simple fact that preventing a goal is every bit as important as scoring one. No player has more of a say in the prevention of a goal than the last line of defence, the goalkeeper!

In this article, I will be ranking the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in the Premier League (in my opinion).

10th – Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)

The Aston Villa and Argentina no.1 has made a remarkable rise to the top on the back of his circumstantial spell as Arsenal’s first choice keeper in 2020.

Combining his towering 6ft 5″ figure with his brilliant technical ability, Martinez is now renowned as one of the best all round Premier League goalkeepers.

Despite Aston Villa not making the greatest of starts to their campaign, Martinez still boasts impressive statistics such as a 50% penalty save success rate and a 69.1% save success rate, saving 39 of the 55 shots on target faced so far this season. Furthermore, Martinez has made 435 successful passes, the seventh most out of any keeper.

9th – Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea) 

Kepa burst into the spotlight after his record-breaking £71.6 million move to Chelsea in 2018, making the young Spaniard the most expensive goalkeeper of all time. However, following poor form and the arrival of Edouard Mendy, Kepa found himself second in the pecking order.

Like many at Chelsea, this season has seen a mid-season managerial change. That, alongside Mendy’s injury, sparked an opportunity for revival for Kepa.

After his first two games back in the side, Kepa went on to an impressive run of 5 successive clean sheets for Chelsea. And ten hours without conceding a single goal.

In his six league games this season, he holds a 50% clean sheet record, an 80% save success rate and one outstanding performance against Aston Villa. With a catalogue of seven picturesque saves, Kepa miraculously kept a clean sheet and won man of the match for doing so.

8th – Edouard Mendy (Chelsea)

Not many would have heard of Edouard Mendy before his move to Chelsea in 2020. Yet fast forward two years – the shot-stopper now has an African Cup of Nations win to his name, and he is the only African goalkeeper to win a Champions League.

Without being disrespectful, it’s hard to describe Mendy’s style of goalkeeping as anything other than “awkward”. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t highly successful.

Whilst this season he has been riddled with injuries, and contrasting form for Chelsea, Mendy’s class is undeniable. Mendy has a record this season of 25 saves from a possible 37, leaving a 67.6% save success rate and one clean sheet.

7th – Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur) 

Lloris has almost felt like an ever-present keeper in the Premier League, this season marking a decade spent in England’s top-flight division. As a result of this vast experience Lloris now captains both Spurs and the France national team.

Whilst silverware may be lacking for the North London club, for country, Lloris has the great accolade of captaining his nation to World Cup victory in 2018.

Although the now 35-year-old appears to be in the twilight of his career, the great skillset at his disposal doesn’t seem to be fading. Saving 45 of the 66 shots on target he’s faced this season, he holds an impressive 69.7% save success rate. Only lost four times and has managed to rack up four clean sheets so far this season.

6th – Jordan Pickford (Everton)

England no.1 Jordan Pickford has had his critiques over the years, previously accused of being prone to erratic mistakes.

However, one thing that has always seemed to silence said critiques is Pickford’s brilliance when putting on the shirt of the Three Lions. Scarcely, if ever, has Pickford made a mistake whilst representing his national team.

That consistency has translated through this season to club performances, where Pickford has been simply sublime.

Holding an impeccable 80.5% save success rate (2nd best in the league) after facing a whopping 77 shots (4th most in the league), collecting three clean sheets along the way. Pickford has also successfully completed 442 passes (6th most by a keeper).

5th – David de Gea (Manchester United)

The Man United man often has split decisions as to being utterly world-class or sometimes a bit of a liability. As many believe, it’s as simple as the keepers who can make the most difficult saves are the best keepers.

I feel there is a lot more to the job of a keeper these days. However, if we’re talking top shot-stoppers, there aren’t many better than David de Gea.

De Gea has been renowned for making quite extraordinary saves over the years. The type of save that leaves you speechless as to how the ball isn’t in the back of the net. This season he’s yet to disappoint, pulling off classic saves such as the miraculous two diving saves against West Ham to maintain one of his five clean sheets.

The Spaniard has 37 saves from a potential 57 and a 66.7% save success rate.

4th – Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal)

Table-topping Gunners inevitably have a brilliant all-round defensive record this season. Something that has been a major factor in the recent revelation of Arsenal under Mikel Arteta. The change of performance defensively seemed to coincide with the league debut for the 2021 summer signing, Aaron Ramsdale.

A transfer that undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows meant Ramsdale had it all to prove and prove that he did. With an amazing balance of a 6ft 2″ build, agility and that neat football ability with the ball at his feet, Ramsdale is the perfect fit for the modern game.

Furthermore, at only 24 years of age, he is the youngest on this list – which is relatively young in goalkeeping terms.

Ramsdale boasts seven clean sheets in just 14 games, leading the race for the Golden Glove. He also holds a 73% save success rate, conceding a mere 11 goals all season.

3rd – Nick Pope (Newcastle United)

Nick Pope is the man who shares the top of those prestigious charts with Ramsdale. A traditional, no-nonsense, some would even say, beautifully old-fashioned type of goalkeeper has been a brick wall at the back for the Magpies this season.

Mirroring top of the leagues’ no.1, Pope has kept seven clean sheets and conceded all but 11 goals this season.

However, he has already faced a whopping 54 shots and saved 43 of them. Leaving the England international with an incredible 81.5% save success rate, the highest of any keeper (that has played more than one game) in the Premier League.

2nd – Ederson (Manchester City)

The Man City star has often been regarded as the best goalkeeper in the league, an integral part of Guardiola’s revolutionary style of play.

One reason for this is Ederson (full name Ederson Santana de Moraes) is frighteningly composed on the ball, pulling off long-range passes like a central midfielder. Emphasising this is the fact he has an assist to his name this season. What’s more, it’s his third season as a Man City goalkeeper.

The reason for the City no.1 not to top the list is that, for me, Man City are that dominant; he doesn’t actually have to do as much as the other goalkeepers.

Perhaps if he were to move to a team where he was to have more defensive responsibilities, he would get “found out”, or maybe even worse… He’d prove me wrong!

Ederson holds six clean sheets this season, the 2nd most in the league. All the while only conceding 14 goals and keeping him well in contention for what would be his 4th successive Golden Glove award.

1st – Alison Becker (Liverpool)

Topping the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League is the brilliant Brazilian, Alison Becker.

Over the past few years, there has been a newly formed rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool. That rivalry has taken form in many aspects of either club, none more so than the goalkeeper.

The battle of the Brazilians between the pegs stretches beyond just club football, with both also battling it out to retain that no.1 spot for their national team. 

Alison, in that battle, as he has in this article, has resulted triumphant, taking complete control over that no.1 spot for Brazil’s national team. His triumph in this article is based on Liverpool’s poor form.

As I mentioned earlier, these two Premier League giants have left little to do for their retrospective keepers in recent times. However, this season Alison has been far from short of action.

Nevertheless, Alison has dealt with all that was possible to be dealt with, with the same finesse and composure as he’s always shown for Liverpool.

Alison has faced a daunting 63 shots on target this season and saved 45 of them, resulting in a 76.2% save success rate. The third best of any keeper that’s started every game this season. He has also saved one of the three penalties he’s faced this season and registered an assist.

Finally, if you aren’t already convinced, in the 2020/21 season, Alison came up to score an emphatic last-minute winning header against West Brom.

Top 10 English Premier League Goalkeepers

Top 10 PositionGoalkeeperTeam
1Alison BeckerLiverpool FC
2EdersonManchester City
3Nick PopeNewcastle United
4Aaron RamsdaleArsenal FC
5David de GeaManchester United
6Jordan PickfordEverton FC
7Hugo LlorisTottenham Hotspur
8Edouard MendyChelsea FC
9Kepa ArrizabalagaChelsea FC
10Emiliano MartinezAston Villa
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