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Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the best football players in history, Cristiano Ronaldo started joining the youth club at the age of 8 and evolved over time playing six seasons with the youth club Sporting Clube de Portugal. 

Now he has an international football career and is known worldwide.

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots a penalty during the UEFA EURO 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo shoots a penalty during the EURO 2020

His Debut In The World Of Football

Born on February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo full name), is an internationally renowned Portuguese footballer. 

Coming from an average family, the young footballer already had a real passion for football. He was also a great supporter of Benfica Lisbon during his childhood.

Football then took a certain place in his life, so much so, that he ended up joining the FC Andorinha club. 

He spent one season at Club Desportivo Nacional before securing a contract with Sporting Clube de Portugal.

A player of great quality, he was spotted by Làszlo Bölöni, the coach of Sporting Clube de Portugal at the age of 16. This allowed him to play friendly matches with a professional team.

He started playing in the Portuguese league on 29 September 2002 with Sporting Clube. He proved his footballing talent during 25 matches in the 2002-2003 season. But he didn’t stop there, because in all three Portuguese Cup games he scored two goals. 

This allowed him to make his debut in the Champions League against Inter Milan.

Ronaldo’s International Career

At only 18, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to get noticed in the friendly match against Kazakhstan on 20 August 2003.

Revealed at Euro 2004, he began to have a certain notoriety. He also participated in the 2004 Olympic Games with Portugal. 

Since then he has played well which allowed his team to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In the 12 qualifying matches, he scored 7 goals in total.

The performance of this famous Portuguese player was even more impressive during the Euro 2008 qualifier. Despite some failures during the 2014 World Cup, Ronaldo remains an outstanding player with 52 goals scored since 2003.

Cristiano Ronaldo Track Record

Ronaldo is a right-handed player who stands out for his heavy hitting and precision.

He has won a number of trophies, and it all started with the trophy received in his first season with the FA Cup in 2003.

His side has won the Premier League three times in a row and the Community Shield twice in a row. Thanks to more than 50 goals scored following the Championship and Champions League double, he became the favourite for the Ballon d’Or.

Designated “Silver Ball” at the FIFA Club World Cup in 2014, he won the Golden Ball for the third time in Zurich in January 2012.

Real Madrid Say Thank You To Ronaldo

The king is leaving Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo was at Real Madrid for nine years, before he left for Juventus. Here are some of CR7’s most iconic moments at Real Madrid.

How much did Cristiano Ronaldo earn?

Sports stars earn a significant amount of money each year. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players, is among the highest-paid sportsmen in the world.

€2.08 Euros Every Second

The Portuguese football player, at the time, added three more years to his contract with Real Madrid. Which allowed him to hit the big jackpot.

Real Madrid allegedly paid him a sum of 125 million euros. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo will cost him 35.5 million euros per season from 2015 while he was at Real Madrid – which is a truly mind-blowing sum.

Just like NBA players, Cristiano Ronaldo is now in the ranking of the highest-paid sportsmen on the planet. 

According to the latest news, NBA players collect around 2.73 euros per second. As for this great football player, he pocketed 2.08 euros every second.

If we consider the earnings per second of the highest paid football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is in the top five. 

Back in the day, Cristiano Ronaldo held the third slot when it came to football players who earn the most amount of money annually. He was after Messi and Beckham. According to studies at the time, the Portuguese player received at least €29,200,000 per year. 

Advertising Revenue

Athletes manage to earn huge sums of money each year, it is not only thanks to their salaries. 

They also earn money from advertising revenue. For players like Beckham, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, advertisements are an important source of income.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, has his own underwear brands following a collaboration with the Italian designer Emporio Armani. 

He has also been featured in many advertisements which have added to Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth. He appears in adverts for Suziki and for Nike. His appearances on the covers of games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and 2013 are other huge sources of advertising revenue.

It is estimated that Cristiano Ronaldo earns 50% of his net worth from advertising, with revenues reaching 15.5 million euros per year.

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