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About Us

Betting Punter was first conceived in 2016 as a casino review site, but a lot has changed since then. We’ve changed our name and some of our staff (our punters).

But our goal is still the same – to bring you the best betting offers and reviews in one place.

Meet The Punters

They’re the first to know about new free bets, tips and promotional offers – so if you need help picking which betting site is right for you,  the Punters will be able provide some guidance.

David Smith

David Smith

CEO & Punter

David is a marketer at heart and has helped gaming companies all over the world attract players in competitive market places.

As a regular attendee at gambling conferences such as SIGMA and ICE, he shares his knowledge of the gaming world  through Betting Punters.

Darren Christie

Darren Christie

Wannabe Footballer & Punter

A wannabe footballer from the age of five, Darren dreamed of playing for a premier league team.

He never made the cut and had to hang up his boots. He still likes to attend games and place a bet or two on the matches. Darren shares his tips and views on sports betting on the Betting Punter website.

Scott McIntosh

Scott McIntosh

Betting Odds Wizard & Punter

Scott could have been a NASA scientist – he was a straight A’s student who excelled at mathematics.

Nowadays, he spends his time looking for the best sites to sign up for new accounts then place a wager. 

If you see a tip from Scott on Betting Punter, he’s probably won by using it.

Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson

Finance & Part-time Punter

Julie is in charge of our finances, so she is good with numbers (and stakes and odds).

She will confess that she is not a big gambler, but likes a flutter now and again.

On occasion, she will write a blog post or two about the more serious matters relating to betting, so they are worth a read.

Jim Black

Jim Black

Chief Punter

Jim is the elder statesman when it comes to betting.  He enjoys most sports from football, horse racing, darts, golf, F1 to wrestling.

You name it, he’s probably bet on it.

In more recent years, he’s turned his hand to online casinos. Read our blog to see what he has to say.

Kenny Lang

Kenny Lang

Writer & Punter

Kenny has dabbled in the world of sports writing for numerous years.

Like Jim, he has researched and covered most sports in the UK at one time or another.

Now he spends time writing articles for websites such as Betting Punter – so we are glad to have him onboard.

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We operate as an affiliate website and do not cater for bets or game playing directly.

We take pride in finding the best betting offers on the internet and our site is designed so that users can browse for their next bet. We may earn a commission from any websites that we connect to by means of a hyperlink. We may also earn a commission from any advertising banners placed on our site, or from any sponsored articles.

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