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Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

If online blackjack was rigged in favour of the casino, it’s highly unlikely that so many people would continue to play it.

It is very difficult to rig any game in an online casino. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about poker, blackjack or baccarat, rigging an online game is not easy.

Or should we say- rigging online casino games and not getting caught is not easy.

Bad Reputations

For large betting companies, rigging their own blackjack games makes little sense. If news of anything like that were to get out into the public domain, the reputation of the casino would collapse instantly.

Negative news always spreads faster than positive news, so the word of mouth of customers would spread like wildfire and it will lose valuable customers overnight.

And the governing gambling commission would look into it and they could lose their operator’s license. For example, all UK-based online casinos need the proper licenses if they want to operate in the United Kingdom. Rigging games is a sure-shot way of getting these revoked.

All that aside, rigging online blackjack is difficult on a logistical level.

Firstly, online casinos rarely develop their online games themselves. Software developers such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play develop card games, bingo, slots and pretty much everything else for the casinos to use on their websites/platforms.

So if a game was to be rigged at the developer’s side, it would be rigged on every online gambling website that uses it that game.

Can online blackjack be rigged?

Yes, online blackjack games can be rigged.

Any online casino game can be rigged. Even the odds on sports betting sites can be skewed indiscriminately to favour the bookmaker.

But it does not mean that online casinos do rig their games. They generally make enough money from their customers – so why should they rig the games to start stealing money from them?

If you are using any of the leading online casinos in the UK, rigging is the last thing you need to worry about. It makes no sense for them to rig their games (read our online casino reviews for more info).

But if you are using an unlicensed or shady casino, the online blackjack could actually be rigged.

Image of two people playing blackjack

In some cases, fake casino websites offer amazing promotions to draw in more victims. Do not fall for the lucrative offers until you have read reviews on the casino operator. While it is possible to rig online blackjack, none of the reputable online casinos would do it.

As a rule of thumb, do not play any online casinos that do not hold a UKGC license. This step alone ensures that you stay away from scam casinos.

How To Know If An Online Blackjack Game Is Rigged

If you have a feeling that your online blackjack game is rigged, the first thing to do is ensure that you are playing on the correct casino site. Sometimes spoof websites can fool anyone.

These websites look and feel just like the original websites, but are not. Perhaps the domain name is slightly misspelt, or the domain ends in “.net” when it should be “‘com”.

Entering sensitive bank information on these websites could mean your money gets cleaned out. And it puts at risk your PayPal, Skrill or credit card details being shared or sold on unscrupulous websites.

Once you check the URL and confirm that you are on the right website, you can relax.

But if you are still unsure, there are a few things you can check:

1. Random Number Generators In Blackjack

There is an algorithmic barrier that prevents online casinos to rig games like online blackjack. It is known as Random Number Generator (RNG).

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a programming technique that uses a “seed” number as a starting basis. It gives a random number to the card-dealing component of the game after doing “random” numerical simulations based on that seed.

Simple systems use the request time as the seed, whereas more advanced algorithms are used by higher-end RNG generators (those that are purely seeded with unpredictably large numbers).

These RNGs are built into the game program by the developers and as a result, the online casino cannot change them.

Unless the casino operator develops their own games, they cannot bypass the Random Number Generator.

2. Live Dealer Blackjack Is Hard To Rig

While there are some instances where live dealers have been caught cheating, the incidences are few and far between.

The consequences of a live blackjack dealer trying to rig the game is severe for both the dealer and the casino company.

Equally, as a player, you should not try to deceive the dealer with any tricks. You might get away with it once, but expect a ban (or worse) if you get caught trying to scam the casino.

The truth of the matter is that it’s extremely difficult for a live dealer to trick you, or for you to trick them.

3. Simple Maths

If you understand the logic underlying blackjack and are able to perform simple mathematics then you can spot anomalies in the hands being played.

The most obvious item to check is that the dealer’s total card count is actually higher than yours, but not over 21.

When you play the game, it will normally tell you how many decks are being used, so if it’s a 5 deck game and then there are 21 aces turned over (should be 20 aces in total) – then something is wrong with these online blackjack results.

Also record if every time you bet a large amount of money, if the dealer suddenly wins, whereas when you bet less, you win more often than not.

While game developers more often than not give a slight advantage to the online casino (known as the “house edge”), it should not be noticeable.

Blackjack cards totalling 21
Blackjack should not be more than 21

Rigged Blackjack Conclusion

Blackjack is one of the most popular online gambling card games – it is also extremely popular in land-based casinos (aka brick and mortar casino).

Almost all online gambling sites offer some type of blackjack game, but you can rest assured that the vast majority of platforms are not rigged.

Especially in a country like the UK, where gambling is taxed. If it were illegal, there would be a lot more dishonest gambling.

If you love playing online blackjack then don’t worry about rigging – there is a minuscule possibility of it happening especially on licensed casino sites.

To our knowledge, none of the top online casinos in the UK show any sign of their blackjack games being rigged.

So if you have found yourself asking “Is online blackjack rigged?” – then the answer is likely to be no.

Check out our free tips on the best blackjack strategies to try.

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